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Winners of Three Innovation Showcases Selected

Winners of Three Innovation Showcases Selected Winners of Three Innovation Showcases Selected Winners of Three Innovation Showcases SelectedLou Auguste (left) and teammate Dhaval Palsana present the Mobile Whole Slide Imaging (mWSI), one of the three winning products at the U.S. ASME Innovation Showcase (ISHOW) in Washington, D.C. Nine hardware entrepreneurs were selected as the winners of the 2015 ASME Innovation Showcase (ISHOW), a global competition with events in India, Kenya and the United States. This year marked the first time that the program, which highlights hardware-led social innovations that improve the quality of life in communities around the world, welches presented outside of the United States. Ten finalists faced off at each of the competitions, where they pitched and demonstrated their products in front of a panel of experts. In addition to winning a share of $150,000 in cash prizes, each of the nine winners also received an extensive design and eng ineering review from a team of industry experts. Akash Agarwal, Syauqy Aziz and Rajeev Kumar were selected as the winners of the inaugural ISHOW in India. The event, which welches held in partnership with Villgro Innovations, took place April 20 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Pune, in conjunction with the ASME Additive Manufacturing+3D Printing Conference. Henri Nyakarundi (left) pitches his innovation the portable solar-powered Mobile Solar Kiosk to the judges at the ASME ISHOW in Kenya in June. The MSK was selected as one of the three winning products at the event.Agarwal, founder of New Leaf Technologies, won for his companys GreenCHILL off-grid refrigeration system, which uses renewable energy sources like biogas, waste heat, dry cow manure and other farm waste for cooling milk, fruit and vegetables before they are transported to market. Azizs winning entry, BlumbangReksa, enables farmers to monitor the water condition of shrimp embankments and ponds and to access data includ ing dissolved oxygen, temperature, humidity, pH, salinity, total dissolved solid and other parameters, in real time via text and the Internet. Kumar, co-founder of Neurosynaptic, was recognized for his companys ReMeDi (Remote Medical Diagnostics) solution, a robotic system that has been designed to conduct medical tele-examination of patients from remote locations. The product has made healthcare accessible to 45 million people in 30 of Indias poorest districts. The winners of the 2015 ASME ISHOW in Kenya, with members of the judging panel (left to right) Dickson Ayuka, creator of Ujuzikilimo Henri Nyakarundi, inventor of the Mobile Solar Kiosk judge Dr. Mucemi K. Gakuru from the University of Nairobi Sanivation team members Andrew Foote and Emily Woods and judge Kamau Gachigi, executive director of Gearbox. The three winning innovations at the U.S. ISHOW, held May 14 the District Architect Center in Washington, D.C., promised novel healthcare and energy breakthroughs. Lou Auguste was named as one of the winners for his product, Mobile Whole Slide Imaging (mWSI), a low-cost diagnostic system that uses two linear motors, a microscope and a smart phone to transmit digital images of slides to pathologists throughout the world. Kamila Demkova was recognized for Wave Carpet, a patented, flexible carpet that is capable of harvesting the power of ocean waves to generate electricity or produce fresh water. Malvi Hemani was selected as the events third winner for TocoTrack, a low-cost tocodynamometer, or external contraction monitor, which automates the monitoring of uterine contractions for midwives. In addition, this years Dr. Abdi Zaltash Champion Award, recognizing a new technology that shows great promise, was awarded to Jordan Garrity for the Practical Utility Platform (PUP). The award was established in memory of longtime ASME member Dr. Zaltashs commitment to ASME and support of young engineering innovators. Brian Bosire, Henri Nyakarundi and Emily Woods were the three winners of the inaugural ISHOW in Kenya, held in partnership with the Gearbox maker space on June 24 at the Best Western Hotel in Nairobi. Bosire was recognized for his entry, UjuziKilimo, an electronic device that works with mobile phones to help rural farmers measure soil characteristics and relay that information by text to an analysis center, which then responds with information regarding crop breed, fertilizer required, pest control, and other farm management tools. Nyakarundis innovation, the Mobile Solar Kiosk (MSK), is a durable, portable solar-powered kiosk that can be used to charge up to 30 mobile phones or small devices at a time in both rural and urban areas. Emily Woods was named the events third winner for her entry, Sanivation, a complete sanitation service that offers in-home toilets for families in poor urban areas and converts the waste collected from the units into charcoal briquettes that can be used for fuel. The winners of the ISHOW in Kenya received 3D printed trophies created by Catapult Design.In addition to increasing the number of competitions, the ISHOW program, which launched in 2007, also began focusing more exclusively on hardware-led innovations this year. There are unique challenges facing social entrepreneurs with hardware-based ventures, said Noha El-Ghobashy, ASME managing director, Global Development. Investors tend to shy away from hardware because of the complexities associated with supply chains, with manufacturing, and with getting physical products to end users, especially in the developing world. This takes an ecosystems, and thats what were trying to do with the ISHOW. Were trying to raise awareness and build that ecosystem.Funding for the prizes awarded at the three ASME ISHOWs was provided by the ASME Foundation. In addition, The Lemelson Foundation, the ISHOW Impact Inventing Sponsor, provided funding to allow ISHOW organizers to host Demo Days and create video case studies of the competit ors.For more information on the ASME ISHOWs in India, Kenya and the United States, and to learn more about the nine winning innovations, visit

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The purpose of life is right there in front of your eyes

The purpose of life is right there in front of yur eyesThe purpose of life is right there in front of your eyesOnce upon a time, some 13.799 billion years ago, a state which we call the singularity sparked the void. Its a state in which the laws of physics as we know them dont work a state that supposedly birthed the Universe. With it, we got space and time, energy and matter, all dancing and kissing as everything began to expand. Every atom, every star, every galaxy, every tucht shot out of that one, lonely point of infinity.These creations of ordinary matter, which include the speck of dust we call Earth, however, only make up 0.3 percent of the Universe. Around 68 percent of it is occupied by dark energy, an unknown entity responsible for the expansion of space. A further 27 percent is made up of dark matter, aelendher mostly unknown entity. The remaining 5 percent is what we know and study, including that humble 0.3 percent of the total.Even then, within this tiny fraction, the M ilky Way has to contend with some 200 billion galaxies, the Sun with a septillion stars (a one with 24 zeroes), and our miniature home with somewhere in the range of another septillion planets. In the broader cosmological drama, not only is Earth not the main actor, but the idea that it has any meaningful role to play at all is absorbed and then dwarfed by sheer quantification.And yet, here we are - in this particular moment, occupying two different coordinates of space. Right now, I am somewhere, doing something, and you are somewhere else, reading this. In some past, I have written this for you a conscious observer, who I do not know, who I will never meet. You have felt things and you have thought things in your life, just as I have felt things and I have thought things in my life. As the present unfolds, your rich, complex history is colliding with my own to generate an entirely new history, one of consequence, one previously non-existent.With the magic of technology, in spite of our relative smallness, there is a different kind of largeness in the connection making this interaction possible a juxtaposition highlighted by the great astronomer Carl Sagan when he asked us to briefly stopp for a moment to look at the following image.Look again at that dot. Thats here. Thats home. Thats us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every superstar, every supreme leader, every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived thereon a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.Its as beautiful and as true of a summat ion as we can hope for. But as its charm wears off, what do we do about the tension? How do we reconcile these seeming contradictions that we are large in our collection of experiences but small in the Universe that on the surface everything matters but in the sky, very little of it does that the stories we tell ourselves seem true and meaningful in the moment but once we step away from them, they fall apart? What - if anything - is there for us hold onto?If we zoom onto Earth for a moment, taking a 100,000-foot view, watching what is going, say, as a hypothetical Martian would, one conclusion would be easy to come to Humans are different from other animals on the planet. We are all a product of evolution, yes. We still have similar instincts, sure. But at the level of consciousness, there is something that distinguishes us - something that allows us to challenge evolution itself.The physicist David Deutsch argues that its because we are what he calls the great explainers. We can create knowledge outside of our physical body - like math, philosophy, literature - and then collectively build on it to learn about reality in a way that allows us to master mora and mora of the problems that arise in our ecology. Thats, for example, why we have been able to use science to make so much progress in the last 400 years, going from building simple telescopes to landing people on the Moon.There is, however, an even more fundamental cause Humans are a more complex, more networked species with more interconnections than the rest of the participants in the animal kingdom. Our unique conscious experience has gifted us with languages that allow us to create culture - a social reality that lives, breathes, evolves unlike anything else in nature. Our individual brains are nodes in an enormous network of brains that synergize to create something larger than their constituents, indeed allowing us to create knowledge as Deutsch suggests, but also so much more.Modern society h as a bias towards the material, the world of matter. If we cant see it, we find it hard to treat as real. As such, immaterial things emerging from complexity, like culture, are seen as less meaningful than matter. If you cant touch it, then it must not be real, right? Except, thats not how it works. Culture may not be tangible, but it influences matter in a way that is. Our brains are programmed by culture, technology is a physical embodiment of culture, violence is reduced by culture.In the 20th-century, the study of phenomenology began to catch traction with a simple idea The starting point of our philosophical inquiry should be our direct conscious experience. Before we can describe matter, we have to first contend with the fact that there is something right here - something strange going on if we just stop and look a world constructed in front of us that simply is before we can even get to analyzing it. Why has evolution allowed us to see different colors? Why can we think, be aware, when a simple stimulus-response feedback loop might have done the job?Whatever the answer to these questions is, the point is that the social reality - produced at the intersection of an infinite set of conscious experiences - is just as real as the physical reality. And its not just a subjective phenomenon, either, which only applies to what you make up in your own mind. Its a whole different plane of existence that has emerged - just like stars and galaxies and planets emerged, just like life itself emerged - and its continuously evolving and, slowly, dominating the world of matter.Contained within this life-force, we find everything that makes our speck of dust just a little brighter kindness and morality, love and community, hope and innovation, curiosity and science, beauty and art. The value of all these things is so obvious that only a blind, mistaken mind would dare to use reason to try to intellectualize their meaning away. From a phenomenological point of view, these things are simply there, and they affect your conscious experience very lucidly, and they dont care what you think about them.Humans have had a complex, contradictory history. On one end, given our impact on the ecology and on other sentient beings, its hard to overlook that we are perhaps the most destructive force that has ever walked this planet. We kill, we conquer, and then we kill again. And yet, there is more In spite of the missteps, humans are also the only known creatures in the Universe that have been able to use culture to show the potential for a reality without violence. At least within our own sphere of existence, progress has leaned towards a gentler, more loving way of being.Homo Sapiens have roamed the planet for about 200,000 years. A typical mammalian species lives for around 2 million years. Still, somehow, in that short period, we have been able to wipe out diseases, split the atom, and escape Earths atmosphere. Best of all? If the rate of cultural change continues at the present pace, then there is more and more to come in shorter and shorter time-frames, as long as we endure. We are still a young species. If we open up our imagination even just a little bit, its not hard to see how the possibilities are potentially endless.We may not yet be anything more than a fraction of a ripple in the infinite sea of space-time, but all evidence points to the fact that perhaps we could be. We may not be special based on our spatial position in the cosmos, but the emergence of our social reality and the potential it offers means that everything that we do matters, in both big and small ways.Our collective cultural consciousness is a great web tangled into the very fabric of reality. Each of us is connected to it. Each of our actions shape some part of it. Each of our thoughts produce a current that alters its aim. Once it came into being those thousands of years ago, there was nothing that we could do to stop it from evolving. And evolve it wil l, whether we like it or not, whether we choose to consciously participate in its formation or not.The purpose of life is right in front of us Its to create a reality we want to inhabit - to reach towards the better end of our conscious experience. At each moment, in every second of life, we are given a choice about how we want to conduct ourselves in this world, and though it might not always seem like it, each of these choices are of consequence. They each interact with culture to give it a new form a form that we are responsible for creating by either doing what is right or doing what is wrong in that specific moment.A grandfather telling stories to a young boy may just nudge that boy to one day write his own stories, ones that help ease the burden on all our minds. An especially caring teacher may infect a little girl with an engineering passion that later gives her the vitality to make the breakthrough that permanently changes our relationship to outer space. And of course, bo th that boy and that girl may just inspire millions of other people, who may inspire many millions more, in a long, unbroken chain of interactions until perhaps, one day, the ideas of war and hate and poverty will be foreign to us - or at least take a different form, one that is, again, a little kinder, a little gentler.After 13.799 billion years of darkness, light finally emerged. This light may be so infinitely small as to not be of consequence, and we may not be the only carriers of it in the Universe, and it may not even mean what we think it means - all of these could be true. But ultimately, we dont know. All we know is that its here, and the only way to find out is by spreading its brightness.Want to think and live smarter? Zat Rana publishes a free weekly newsletter for 30,000+ readers atDesign Luck.Thisarticlewas originally published onDesign Luck.

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What to Do When a Salary Negotiation Goes South

What to Do When a Salary Negotiation Goes SouthWhat to Do When a Salary Negotiation Goes South6You probably already know that its smart to negotiate for your salary when starting a new job, and you might even have researched what some of the best ways are to actually negotiate for that salary and the best time and place to do so,but what about when a perfectly prepared for salary negotiation goes south?Believe it or not, it happens, and its a good idea to have some thoughts on what to do next, should it ever happen to you.Heres what to do when a salary negotiation goes southPrep for a no response.Just by reading this article, youre taking a good first step in the right direction. The most important thing to do when it comes to salary negotiations (other than being prepared for the negotiation itself) is to consider the fact that your would-be employer might not be willing to budge when it comes to money. Keeping this in mind from the start will stop you from being (and acting) shocke d when/if it should ever happen to you.Get all the facts.Employers reject salary requests for many reasons, so assuming you didnt ask for a crazy amount more than they were originally offering, it never hurts to ask why the answer was no. This will help you understand where your fhigkeit new boss is coming from, while also letting your interviewers know that you dont just take no for an answer. Being polite and tactful here will be of the utmost importance, of course.Consider the whole picture.Assuming the hiring manager was open and candid with you about why she wont budge on your salary, its worth considering the overall health of the company based on her answer, if at all possible. If you had heard rumblings that the company already wasnt doing so well and then even a small, well-warranted budge in salary seems to throw them way off, you might want to re-think taking a job at a place that seems unstable. A no to a small budge in salary now might mean troubles for future raises do wn the road, as well.Weigh your options.Of course turning down the job altogether is always an option, but unless the salary they are offering is way out of your range (which is likely something that would have been discussed before you even applied for the job), thats not the best route to take. If you really wanted this job and the salary they are offering is something you actually could live with, it might be worth suggesting some alternatives to a salary boost that will still make you happy. For example, perhaps you can negotiate for more vacation days, a flexible or work-from-home schedule, or company-paid classes to further your education and training.At the end of the day, only you can decide whats right for you- both personally and financially- after a salary negotiation goes awry. If youre at least prepared for the vermgen of a letdown during negotiations, though, you can be smart about how you proceed afterwards.

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Free Microsoft Word Reference Letter Templates

Free Microsoft positiv Reference Letter TemplatesFree Microsoft Word Reference Letter TemplatesNot aya how to begin areference letterfor someone who is searching for a job? Or perhaps you are asking someone for a reference, and arent sure how to frame your request? Microsoft Word has free letter templates for a variety of reference documents, including general reference letters, letters requesting a reference, letters thanking a reference, and other reference letter samples. (Microsoft Word also has resume templates.) Microsoft Word stores unterstellung employment reference letters in the Templates section of Microsoft Word. You can access these verbunden, and through the Microsoft Word program on your computer. Read below for information on how to access these letters, and how to use a template to create your own, personalized letter. How to Use Letter Templates A template helps you format your letter. For example, it shows you where to include the recipientsaddress, how to spac e out the paragraphs in your letter,and how to sign off at the end of the letter. It also shows you what font and font size you should use in your letter. Templates also show you what elements you need to include in your letter, such as the type of information you should include on the person you are writing the reference for. A template is very useful as a starting point for your own letter. However, you should alwayspersonalize and customize your letter. When you use a template, type over the text included, replacing it with your own information. For example, be sure to type over the sample name with your own name and contact information. You can also make some format changes to the template, as you see fit. For example, you might want to change the font size or style. Or, if the template includes four body paragraphs but you only want to include three, you can remove one. You also want to personalize the content of your letter. While the template might give you some ideas for the language you will use, you want to make sure your reference letter is focused on the person you are writing the letter for. How to Access Letter Templates from Your Computer Read below for step-by-step instructions for opening templates from Microsoft Word on your own computer. Open Microsoft Word, then click onFile - New from TemplateClick onOnline Templates (this will show you a larger collection than what you have on your computer)Click onLetters Then, select the template you want to use. This will open a Microsoft Word document, and you can begin to personalize the template. You can then save it to your computer under a file name such as Reference Letter for Firstname Lastname. Note that another vorkaufsrecht is to search for a specific letter using the Search bar in the top right-hand corner of the New from Template box. You can type in a phrase such as Letter of Reference or Reference Request to see what templates are available in that category. How to Access Letter Te mplates Online You can also go to Microsoft online to accessa variety of templates. You can find reference letter templates under the Letters category, or you can search for a specific type of template in the Search Office Templates bar in the top right corner of the page. Browse the different reference letter templates, and then click on the letter title to preview the reference letter sample, and to see a brief summary of the template. You can click the Download button to open the document in Microsoft Word on your computer. You can then edit the template to fit your needs, and save it to your computer. Instead of downloading it, you can also click Edit in Browser to edit the document in Word Online (Microsofts online editing program). You can either save the document to OneDrive (Microsofts online drive) or download a copy to your computer. Note that you generally have to havea Microsoft account to access these online templates. You also need a Microsoft account to edit a templa te in Word Online or download a copy to OneDrive. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one online. When you click on an online template, you will be asked to either sign in or create an account. Also, keep in mind that not all templateswork with all versions of Word, so check before you download. There will be a message next to the download button advising if there are restrictions. For example, you might need to upload the newest version of Word to access a particular template. Use the Template to Create a Customized Letter Once you have downloaded or opened a template file, type over the text in the file to create your own, personalized reference letter. More Free Microsoft Templates Microsoft offers letter templates for job search documents beyond just references. Microsoft letter templates are available as a free download forMicrosoft Wordusers or are available within your Word program, to use to create a variety of letters. There are letter templates for c over letters, resignation letters, reference letters, thank you letters, interview letters, and a variety of other business letters. Other Reference Letter Templates There are other templates online that you can use to write your reference letter. Here is a detailed reference letter template that shows the format of a typical reference letter.

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5 Common Cover Letter Mistakes

5 Common Cover Letter Mistakes5 Common Cover Letter MistakesYouve probably heard the rumor going around that you dont need a titelbild letter anymore. But while these controversial headlines are catchy, theyre not being totally honest with you.Having an outstanding cover letter could be your ticket to a job interview and having cover letter mistakes (or no cover letter at all) could result in your resume getting trashed.The truth is that theres no way to predict how much a hiring manager will care about your cover letter. They could ignore it entirely or analyze every word you write.Youre playing a dangerous game if you skip out on creating a standout cover letter. Dont gamble with the riskJust create a good cover letter so youll be confident in your job application.So, how do you create a cover letter that you can be proud of?First, start with the online cover letter builder.Second, check out the free online resume samples here, here, and here.Third, read these crucial cover letter tips and tricks in the Careers Center, including the following five common cover letter mistakes youre probably making right now.Cover Letter Mistake 1 Sounding Boring Or Worse, BoredYour cover letter probably isnt the right place to talk about last years wild Spring Break bender. However, your cover letter still needs to be interesting enough to keep the hiring manager from getting bored silly.One of the biggest mistakes you could make with your cover letter is being so boring or sounding so bored that the hiring manager stops reading why they should hire you. And if they stop reading, whats the point of writing it?A boring cover letter defeats the purpose of writing a cover letter at all.Do your best to gauge the level of creativity that the hiring manager would appreciate at the company youre applying for. You can tell a lot about how traditional they would want cover letters to be by the way they represent themselves on their websites.Check out their About Us pages for clues , such as looking at the words and photos they choose. Ask yourself these questions to help determine how you should add interest to your cover letterDo they have pictures of employees having fun or are they hard at work?Do they use slang or professional jargon?Do they use formal words or contractions like arent and cant?For example, if theyre strictly professional and corporate, such as an established accounting firm, concentrate on adding interesting statistics and quantitative examples of how youve excelled at your previous jobs or in school.On the other hand, if theyre a cutting-edge fashion magazine or hyper-hip marketing firm, you can be a little more creative in how you spice up your cover letter. Try a clever opening line or tell an interesting anecdote about why youre a fantastic candidate.Cover Letter Mistake 2 Recycling Your ResumeYour cover letter is the place where you can share why youre a great candidate. It isnt where you recycle your resume. Rehashing everything you already listed in your resume summary, qualifications, education, job history, and interests isnt just unnecessary its boring.While its important that your cover letter, resume, and summary are all tailored for the job youre applying for, they dont have to say the same thing over and over again.Resumes are supposed to be short and concise. There were probably a lot of skills and experiences that you could wished you could have fit in it, but there just wasnt enough room.Cover letters are the best place for you to share the qualifications that were interesting, but just didnt make the cut into your resume.Remember, the hiring manager is perfectly capable of reading your resume. You dont need to rewrite it out again in your cover letterCover Letter Mistake 3 Not Personalizing the Cover Letter TemplateSee alsoCover Letter Tips to Land Your Dream JobAddressing your cover letter to Whom It May Concern or worse, Sir or Maam, is an instant tip-off to the hiring manager that you didnt car e enough to check what their name was.Little things like checking the hiring managers LinkedIn profile or calling the company to ask go a long way. Its totally worth it to do a little digging to find out the name of the hiring manager.Check out this article for more details on how topersonalize your cover letter template here.Cover Letter Mistake 4 Avoiding Employers Most Important QuestionThe basic question that every hiring manager is asking when they read your cover letter is, Why should I hire you?Your cover letter should answer their question indirectly (or even directly, if you think that the hiring manager would find it appropriate) by telling them why youre the best candidate for the job.Share stories, facts, evidence, and qualifications that make you stand out as a candidate. However, its crucial that you tell the truth. Never lie on your cover letter or resume.Cover Letter Mistake 5 Your Cover Letter is Too LongHiring managers expect cover letters to be between half to one page long. They probably wont read anything longer than one page, unless youre applying for a very senior sttte at a company. Stick to one page or lessLearn MoreCheck out The Ultimate Guide to Cover Letters by for access to the online cover letter builder, cover letter examples, and more essential articles on cover letters todayStart Building Your Rsum

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Purchasing Outside Sales Resume

Purchasing Outside Sales Resume All ausverkauf managers must be strong leaders. Unfortunately, many businesses feel that if their sales people arrive in, they ought to have each of the training and capacity to do things, says Lombardo. For instance, there are sales call techniques that will be able to help you build rapport with a prospect, research methods that can help you glean valuable information regarding a customer, and communication practices that will permit you to nurture long-term relationships with clients. Folks who know you and know sales is going to be the best ones to provide you with actionable feedback. If youre visiting more than 1 company in a journey, think about using a route planning app. There are lots of variations of what a particular company is searching for in an outside sales representative. You dont need to limit your resume to just a single side of one page, but try to remember that spaceand attentionis at a premium. You certainly can consist of information thats available to the general public ( for instance, stats found in a yearly report or on the business Web site). Sales Representatives work to determine customer requirements and desires, and offer feedback to company administration. Customer service is an important concern for us and we would like to make sure that were caring for our clients. Customer service teams are often known as the surface of the entity with which theyre associated. An ideal sales manager doesnt need to wait until something happens. When an applicant is a great salesperson, they typically will make an outstanding healthcare sales rep too. Not only will a company employee be in a position to provide you with tips on the best way to reisepass the interview, he or she is going to likewise be able to enlighten you on bits of information you wouldnt have known otherwise. Whether you work as a retail salesperson or manage a significant account with a worldwide corporation, you will need to comp rehend your customers needs. There are a lot of ways to learn new skills. By way of example, avoid writing that youve got exceptional skills. As a teacher, you know that you discovered and honed an assortment of skills and abilities. For instance, you should incorporate any technology-related skills which you have picked up. Then it will steer you to craft a special and captivating purpose statement thats authentically aligned with who you are, and what you would like out of your career. The size and sort of employer also has a large effect on salaries. As you attempt to receive a new job, you will discover your resume and cover letter play a huge part in impressing hiring managers. The cover letter examples below are intended to emphasize the top abilities and attributes employers are searching for in an outside sales representative. Its possible for you to work on the best way to manage rejection in sales better, in case you have a very clear perspective on your fear and that which you ought to be aiming for instead. Also, the principal purpose is to establish trustworthy relationship with buyers. At the peak of your resume, you should incorporate a career objective. All recruiting efforts are the only duty of the posting employer. Theres a demand for your merchandise and you have to employ individuals to meet it. Making through your sales resume using updated resume writing best practices will enhance your work search benefits. Use these guide and absolutely free PDF worksheet to recognize your sales obstacles and what you are able to do to get them from the manner. Because social is now a significant part of our digital lives, many companies now employ social networking managers to oversee their brands internet presence. To assist you craft the ideal cover letter, were supplying you with a few examples to reassess. Its far better get started with resources which have a minimal barrier to entry. Whats more, you should expend a little bit of effort into familiarizing all the very important details indicated on your resume. Much like different locations, its important to understand what steps to take if you are searching for jobs as an Outside Sales Representative. If youre interested in employed as a sales manager, you may as well take a look at the Sample Sales Manager Resumes for your next resume update. Location can also have an effect on earning potential. All job listings will stay active for as many as 60 days. If you cant locate the particular job you would like, you should know what other jobs will nonetheless be helpful to your long-term career targets.

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Talent Development of Soft Skills a New Focus for CFOs

Talent Development of Soft Skills a New Focus for CFOs A newly released survey by APQC, A New CFO Priority Talent Development with a Focus on Soft Skills, indicates that many organizations are falling short of sufficiently skilled financial professionals as baby boomers begin to retire in growing numbers. The survey found that the gap between the value of a typical financial organization and what it can provide its stakeholders is growing. Surprisingly, only 5 percent of survey respondents believe that finance is currently delivering game-changing value to their enterprises, says Mary Driscoll, senior research director, financial management, for APQC. There are many reasons for this gap in performance, but the primary one is an age-old albatross finance is often bogged down with transactional work and doesnt have the time to produce meaningful analysis. Whats more, many finance professionals lack the soft skills necessary to present concisely to senior operating managers and to persuade with diplomacy.Other findings from the survey include Finance organizations generally lack the tools needed to increase productivity and free employees from menial tasks more than half (58 percent) of respondents said they do elend have the time for value-added analysis while 45 percent say that lack the technology to increase efficiency. 64 percent of respondents ranked financial planning and analysis positions as the hardest to fill. Organizations considered strong business partners tend to have CFOs with dedication to professional development, especially in soft skills training.Over one in five respondents agree that finance is excluded from the decision-making process as it is not seen as a partner to the business. However, over 40 percent who consider themselves partners invest in soft-skills training and encourage finance employees to learn the business.By developing managerial skills n ot adequately addressed in a traditional accounting curriculum, CFOs can prepare the next generation of finance talent to takeand keeptheir seats at the strategic planning table, says Driscoll. Soft-skills training programs aim to strengthen a finance staffers ability to communicate concisely with top executives, negotiate with managers in other domains, build effective teams, and collaborate with others in pursuit of common goals.